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Erath County Judge Alfonso Campos battling aggressive form of prostate cancer.

Erath County Judge Alfonso Campos

Erath County Judge Alfonso Campos is being treated for an aggressive form of cancer and is home recovering after having surgery on July 6 to remove his prostate.

Campos’ office gave a statement to Beneath the Surface News about his condition, which states that, on a scale of one to 10, the aggressive nature is a nine.

It also states that after his diagnosis, Campos met with specialists in Brownwood and Temple to discuss treatment and opted for a complete removal of the prostate.

“While in surgery, the lymph nodes were also removed and more samples were taken for pathological testing to determine the spread,” the statement reads.

Campos is now preparing to undergo additional treatment and it’s unclear when he will return to his office at the courthouse.

“He is still signing things that need to be signed and checking emails,” Erath County emergency management coordinator Cyndi Smith said.

Commissioner Joe Brown has stepped up to lead commissioners court meetings and Campos’ former administrative assistant Laurie Gillispie has returned to work part-time until a permanent replacement is hired.


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