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Enjoy an elevated dining experience at Hico’s newest restaurant, Oma Leen’s.

Heavenly is how I would describe this butternut soup and habanero margarita.


My brother-in-law Jake and sister-in-law Kayla have been telling The Husband and I that we need to take a short jaunt over to Hico for dinner at Oma Leen’s


They’ve been raving about the restaurant’s amazing cocktails, unique dishes and upscale vibe for weeks.

Then Kevin and Keri, my other in-law siblings, had a fantastic dinner there on New Year’s Eve.


Fast forward to last Thursday.


The Husband and I were binge-watching Fool Me Once on Netflix when my phone dinged.


It was a text from my friend Julie Brinkley (you know the one who does a live cooking show for Beneath the Surface News every Monday).

She and her husband Dana were at Oma Leen’s having dinner.  


“Oh my gosh, we love it already!” she captioned with a picture of her dinner. “Such an elevated experience.”


I immediately made a reservation for last night and I can tell you this: Oma Leen’s has earned the hype.


The restaurant is small and intimate with an open-air kitchen and gorgeous bar that serves amazing cocktails. (Get the Habanero margarita.)

Focaccia served with smoked cheese and hot honey.

The butternut squash soup was some of the best I’ve ever tasted and the focaccia bread is worth the carbs.


Despite the fact that the restaurant was completely full, the bustling kitchen had our entrees to us pretty quickly.


I had the venison bolognese and The Husband had another pasta dish served with chicken; both were amazing.

The menu changes often, but other dinner selections included steaks, pork chops and salmon.


Oma Leen’s also serves a Sunday brunch, which I can hardly wait to try!


You should check it out too.





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