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Daron Trussell makes big changes to SPARD with new policies, uniforms and 2 important hires.

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Daron Trussell

Daron Trussell spent the first few months of his new job as Stephenville’s director of Parks and Leisure Services working to determine the department’s deficiencies and figuring out a plan to make things better.

Now, he is in the beginning stages of unveiling that plan and setting it into motion.

“I want to bring more professionalism to the department and more training and knowledge to the staff,” Daron told Beneath the Surface News during an interview at his office last week.

Part of that plan includes rewriting policies for youth programs and requiring supervisors, officials and score keepers to wear uniforms and city apparel.

“We have to enhance our brand and reputation,” he said. “We want parents to know who is in charge during games and who they can talk to if there is an issue that needs to be addressed.”

Daron is counting on two new staff members to help him get the job done.

Roderic Brooks has been hired as SPARD’S full-time recreation supervisor.

“He will focus on all of our recreation programs, but his primary focus is youth and adult athletics,” Daron said.

Those programs include youth basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, cheer, swim, track and field and flag football and adult softball, flag football, kickball, basketball and volleyball. (Pickleball is coming soon!)

“Roderic has been officiating for about 20 years and will also focus on hiring and training our officials,” Daron said. “He brings a lot of knowledge and passion when it comes to youth and adult sports and is very adept at dealing with the parents side.”

Robert Nimmo has been hired as the new recreation superintendent, a part-time position that oversees sports programs, special events and aquatics.

“Robert brings with him 30 years of experience in the recreation industry – from intramural sports to working with collegiate programs,” Daron said.

Robert worked for Tarleton State University for 30 years, beginning his career running intramural sports programs.

In 2008, he became director of recreational sports and concluded his career at Tarleton as the executive director of student health and wellness.

It appears that a new era is dawning at SPARD, one that its staff is excited about and hopeful that the community will embrace.

“We want to improve the reputation of SPARD and make sure everyone has a positive experience here,” Daron said.


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