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Cool post alert: Bassist for Kody West now offering private lessons.

Kyon Barnes (left) is pictured performing with Kody West. PHOTOS COURTESY JON PARK

If learning to jam on the guitar is on your I-wish-I-knew-how-to-do-that list, consider this the little genie that sprang from the bottle.

Your wish has just been granted.

A cool guy by the name of Kyon Barnes is now offering private bass and guitar lessons to people of all ages.

Kyon is the bassist for Kody West and has been touring and playing professionally with the band for the past five years.

He learned to play guitar when he was 12 after someone offered to give him lessons.

“I always wanted to learn to play and once I dipped my toes in it, I dove in head first,” he said.

For the next several years Kyon continued to play on back porches with his buddies, then college came calling and he headed off to the University of North Texas.

But he couldn’t shake his desire to play in a band.

“When I got the opportunity to play in Kody’s band, I postponed college and moved to Denton,” he said.

He went on tour for the next few years, then eventually stayed put long enough to go back to school and earn a bachelor’s degree in music business and communications.

Today he is working on his master’s degree at Tarleton State University, and with the music industry largely on hiatus, he is offering guitar and bass lessons.

(For those who don’t know the difference: The bass has four strings and a guitar has six.)

“They are two different animals, but if you learn to play one, you can learn to play the other,” he said.

The lessons take place at his home in Stephenville.

“I have a great home setup here in Stephenville that’s perfect for recording, practicing and learning,” he said.

For more information about scheduling private lessons, contact Kyon Barnes on Facebook or Instagram.


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