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Colorful new mural on the side of Easter Heat & Air captures Erath County’s cowboy way of life.

Photo courtesy Sheila Williams

The next time you need a colorful backdrop for a photo, head to Easter Heat & Air in Stephenville where you’ll find a new mural showcasing the city’s title as the Cowboy Capital of the World.

Artist Michael Fish is putting the finishing touches on the mural which depicts the cowboy way of life that’s such a big part of Erath County.

Owner Sheila Williams said she and Fish have been friends for years.

“I originally wanted him to make a colorful sign that said ‘Cowboy Capital of the World,’” Sheila told Beneath the Surface News. “And then he said, ‘let’s just do a mural.”

The colorful painting is located on the side of the Easter Air building on Graham Street and can be seen by people heading to Stephenville City Park.

“I love the way it captures all of the rodeo events and the silhouettes can be any of the cowboys and cowgirls living in the area,” Sheila said

Fish is a New Mexico-based artist known for “psychedelic pops of color” and “incredible stylization,” according to his website.

He previously made a living as a professional horse shoer and became a full-time artist in 2018.

You can learn more about Fish’s work @artbyfish on Instagram and Facebook.


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