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City receives final report on child drowning at Splashville; findings released to family.

The family of Colt Williams is finally getting the chance to review a report detailing what transpired at Splashville on the night the four-year-old drowned during a birthday party on June 24.

Stephenville City Manager Jason King said the outside firm hired by the city to investigate the drowning has completed its report and released the findings.

“Out of respect for the Williams family, the city has given them the chance to review the report first,” King told Beneath the Surface News. “We appreciate the patience of the family and public as this investigation was conducted and express our sincere sorrow for the tragic loss of Colt.”

In addition to reviewing the city’s policies and procedures, the firm interviewed the lifeguards that were on duty that evening as well as those who attended the private party.

The full report is expected to be released to the public on Thursday.


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