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Chills, Christmas pjs and that second Covid shot. Ay, yai, yai.

I’m lying in bed wearing my Christmas pjs.

Yeah, I know it’s April, but I’m cold and these are the warmest, softest things I own.

Besides, the reindeers and snowflakes give me the emotional support I need right now.

It’s been a rough 24 hours, you guys.

The Husband and I got our second Covid vaccine yesterday morning, and to say it’s been hard is a wild understatement.

We are, apparently, those people who have a strong reaction to the vaccine; one that makes us as sick as we were in November when we were both struck by Covid-19.

That was two weeks of pure hell, so we jumped at the chance to get vaccinated as soon as we were able.

The first shot made us pretty sick, so we prepared for round two.

I even made a casserole ahead of time.

But even with all the prepping for a sick day, this was worse than we expected.

For the first few hours after yesterday’s shot, we were ok. I had a dull headache and was a little tired, but as the day wore on, things got progressively worse.

By 8 p.m. we were snuggled up in bed, convulsing from chills, body aches and fever.

Even The Husband donned his Christmas jammies. How cute is that?

I spent the night trying to breathe through my nausea and avoid bumping my sore arm, and today we haven’t ventured far from bed.

The good news is that we are now fully vaccinated and should begin feeling better soon.

These symptoms rarely last longer than 24 hours, so I am crossing my fingers that I’ll make tomorrow’s Chamber banquet.

I’d really hate to miss that.

Anyway, I promised that I would write a thorough and honest follow up on our vaccine journey, so here you go.

Now I’m going to swallow a little more Tylenol, pull the blankey over my head and pray for deliverance.


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