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Behind bars: Good technology helps police nab longtime local burglar.

A longtime local burglar with a rap sheet longer than Santa’s bad list is in jail after technology helped Stephenville police solve a case.

Jerry Knight, 28, was arrested Wednesday for burglary of vehicles, criminal mischief, theft and burglary of a habitation.

But the case that landed him back behind bars this week involved a burglary of a home on Riverside Drive in November.

Lt. James Gresham said Knight got away with several big-ticket items, including two Nintendo Switch.

“The homeowner kept very good records, including serial numbers, which helped us recover the items,” Gresham told Beneath the Surface News.

Here’s what happened:

A local ordinance requires pawn shop owners to enter an item’s serial number and the name of the seller into a database that’s linked to stolen goods.

In this case, police were able to track the stolen Nintendo Switch through the database and connect Knight to the crime.

“This was a case of good technology working in our favor,” Gresham said. “We always encourage homeowners to keep a good inventory and record of their valuables.”

Meanwhile, Knight’s lengthy criminal history dating back to 2009 and latest charges could mean he will be spending Christmas inside the comfort of the Erath County Jail.

His bond has been set at $17,500.

Over the years, Knight has been arrested for harassment, drug possession, carrying a weapon unlawfully, driving while intoxicated, public intoxication, family assault, failure to identify, escape from custody and burglary of a building.


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