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Attorney for family of child who drowned at Splashville asks for hearing to conduct independent investigation.

Updated: Jun 12

Erath County District Court Judge Jason Cashon will preside over the upcoming hearing at the Donald R. Jones Justice Center in Stephenville.


An attorney representing the family of Colt Williams, the four-year-old child who drowned at Splashville in June 2023, is requesting a hearing to allow greater access to those connected to the tragedy.


“We are requesting the depositions of the lifeguards on duty that day, those responsible for their training and their supervisors,” attorney Dustin Burrows told Beneath the Surface News


“Essentially, the family would like to perform its own investigation into this matter. The City of Stephenville is refusing that request and asking for a protective order.”


A pleading filed with the court on Monday states that the petitioners in the case - Colt’s parents Jason and Cassidy Williams – are seeking to conduct their own investigation into what transpired that day.


“Instead of helping the parents of Colt obtain the answers they have sought, the City of Stephenville has engaged in a public relations campaign to protect its image and the elected office holders who run it,” the petition states.


“The city performed its own ‘investigation’ which was nothing more than a coverup of any wrong doing. They then publicized the ‘investigation’ to let the public know they did nothing wrong.


“To literally add insult to injury, when the city released their ‘investigation,’ they also announced they would offer free swimming lessons in the name of Colt Williams. They did this without talking to the parents first, and darn sure without their permission.”


The petition requests the chance to depose the lifeguards who were stationed in and around the pool that day.


It states that the scope of the deposition would be related to the training they received and their locations throughout relevant time frames.


“Petitioners also seek to depose the staff and/or management of the water park, whose identities are unknown to petition, who were responsible for the training of each of the lifeguards on duty that day.


“Finally, petitioners seek to depose the supervisor of the lifeguards on duty that day to inquire about their supervision and oversight of the lifeguards.”


The hearing was originally scheduled for June 11, but has been postponed.













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