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As Omicron tightens its grip, Covid-19 in Erath County doubles in size with 62 new cases.

The Omicron variant raging across the country seems to be doing the same thing in Erath County and now officials are sounding the alarm.

Erath County emergency management coordinator Cyndi Smith released the latest numbers on Tuesday evening that included 62 new cases.

“Our numbers have increased more than double from last week from 29 active cases and two hospitalized to 64 active cases and five hospitalized,” Smith stated in an email. “Please do your part to stop the spread of Covid-19.”

Of those active cases, 33 are in Stephenville, one in Dublin and 30 in the county.

Stephenville’s health authority Dr. Kelly Doggett told Beneath the Surface News on Monday that 92% of new cases in Texas last week were the Omicron variant.

The county is now offering help to people who need hand sanitizer or masks.

If you need assistance, call Smith’s office at 254-965-1326.


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