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‘Apples Never Fall’ is a crisp family whodunit you don’t want to miss. (Just keep the snacks handy.)



I’m no expert movie reviewer, but Apples Never Fall, Peacock’s new limited series, is one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long, long time.


The Husband and I decided to give it a go last night, when torrential rain kept us locked inside on a rare Friday night.

We whipped through the first five episodes in one sitting and only stopped watching because our eyeballs started to hurt.


We watched the remaining two episodes this morning and now we’re sad it’s over.


Call it the downside of binging.


Apples Never Fall was adapted by Melanie Marnich and based on the novel by Liane Moriarty, and while TikTok says it’s worth watching (at least the people I follow), some mainstream media outlets are giving it a big thumbs down.


Time magazine even called it a “silly adaption” and “rotten to the core.”


Don’t listen to it.

Apples Never Fall features an amazing cast led by Annette Bening who plays Joy Delaney, the family matriarch who goes missing.

The story wastes no time getting into it and opens with an ominous shot of Joy’s bloody bicycle crash and a strewn basket of apples.


Watch the trailer here.


What follows is a mystery you won’t be able to step away from and twists you’ll never see coming, all set in the beautiful backdrop of Palm Beach.


Following her disappearance, Joy’s four children set out to find the truth of what happened, and in the process, discover shocking family secrets that pit them against their father Stan, played by Sam Neill.


Each episode ends with an edge-of-your-seat cliffhanger while the fast-paced storyline unfolds.


There is absolutely nothing rotten about these apples and if you need a new binger, this is it.


Just keep the snacks handy.



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