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ALDI is set to open Dec. 3 and it’s bringing a long list of goodies to Stephenville.

Photos courtesy ALDI media relations.

If wine, specialty chocolates and delicious cheese are on your holiday menu, you’re in luck.

Stephenville’s newest grocery store – ALDI – is set to open on Thursday, Dec. 3, SEDA’s Ashleigh Feurbacher told Beneath the Surface News.

“They have passed the final walk-thru and inspections with the city,” Ashleigh said.

ALDI is located next to Panda Express in the Christy Plaza.

The “no frills” chain sells household essentials and groceries at lower prices than other national retailers.

According to its website, ALDI keeps costs low by renting shopping carts for a quarter (you get it back when you return the cart) and they don’t give out shopping bags.

The retailer is often recognized for its tasty, but inexpensive snacks, spices, breads and canned goods.

ALDI stays true to its European heritage by carrying specialty chocolates like Choceur and its German roasted ground coffee that is supposedly to-die for.

It also carries a wide selection of beer and wine and reportedly has an amazing cheese selection.

I can hardly wait.

So there you have it, Stephenville.

ALDI is about to open!


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