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After losing a few pounds, some have asked how I ‘weighed’ through the holidays. Here's the skinny.

Out of all the stories I have published on Beneath the Surface News (1,378 to be exact), my diet journey with Optavia has, by far, generated the most personal feedback.

I have been brutally honest with the struggle I faced after gaining some weight and the difficulty I had losing it.

I believe it’s that honesty that piqued people’s interest when I decided to give Optavia a try.

Many of you are familiar with the program because of Julie Brinkley who has a weekly cooking show on the BTS News Facebook page.

Julie is also an Optavia coach and promotes healthy cooking. She shares lean and green meals during a live video at 11 a.m. every Wednesday.

If you’re not already tuning in, you should start.

I reached out to Julie last summer and started the program on June 22 with the goal of shedding about 20 pounds.

I lost the weight within a few months, and since then, many of you have asked if I’ve managed to keep it off.

I am happy to report that I have.

In fact, I made it through the holidays without gaining a single pound.

That’s not because I starved myself or did without a few pieces of See’s Candies, but I was mindful about what I ate, how many glasses of wine I consumed and I made sure to go on a brisk one-hour walk every day.

I understand the struggle that comes with weight loss; the thought of starting a diet program can be overwhelming.

When I started Optavia I knew that I would have to make a few lifestyle adjustments if I wanted to succeed so I cut back on eating out and eliminated alcohol for the first month.

Along with the weight, I lost 14.5 inches and have gone down two dress sizes.

Shopping is fun again and getting back to my college-days weight is something I never imagined would happen.

My experience with this program is authentic and it worked so well for me that it would feel criminal not to share it.

The program is not inexpensive, but investing in my health was worth every penny.

I love the food (called fuelings) so much that I have continued purchasing it to ensure I stay on track.

If you want to lose a few (or a lot) of pounds, give Julie a call at 254-485-9987.

Hint: If you sign up directly through the website, you will be assigned a random coach.

Be committed to following the program and the weight will literally fall right off.

If I can do it, you can too.

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Apr 24

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