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After days of battling wildfires, president of Erath County Firefighters Association talks needs.

Dallas Sims, president of the Erath County Firefighters Association, is taking a break from battling fires to answer questions from community members on how they can help.

“First and foremost, the firefighters of Erath County would like to thank our gracious citizens for their support,” Sims stated in a message to Beneath the Surface News.

“If you want to provide assistance to the fire departments that have worked tirelessly for days on the numerous fires including the Big L Fire in Bluff Dale, Lipan and Morgan Mill areas that bled over into Hood County, the Erath County Firefighters Association will accept contributions to help these departments recover and put equipment back in service.”

Due to the outpouring of generosity from the community, the immediate needs of firefighters battling the blazes have been met.

What’s needed now are donations to help the departments recover.

If you feel moved to help, you can donate cash, checks (made out to Erath County Firefighters Association) or gift cards to your local department or at the Erath County Volunteer Fire Rescue Department in Stephenville.

The funds will be divided among the fire departments in Erath County.

“Most of the funding for each department comes from donations from the citizens and community partners that we have volunteered to protect,” Sims said. “We are humbled and honored to do this job, and we thank you for your support.”

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