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‘A legacy of kindness.’ Jayden McKinney Memorial Foundation raises more than $135k.

The residents of Stephenville were devastated earlier this year when Jayden McKinney was killed in a UTV accident on March 26.

Amid the tragic loss, his parents, Jason and Kristi McKinney, set out to ensure that Jayden’s legacy would be as impactful as his life.

They established a scholarship fund at TexasBank and the donations soon began pouring in.

After a bake sale organized by Dublin Livestock Auction raised more than $20,000, the Jayden McKinney Memorial Foundation was created.

A fishing tournament raised $20,000 followed by a fundraiser at The Coyote Store in Gail, which raised an additional $5,000 through donations and auctioning off a banjo signed by Ricky Skaggs.

Then the Stephenville Evening Lions Club auctioned off a fishing pole donated in Jayden’s honor, which raised a whopping $56,700.

“In the seven months since Jayden’s passing, through fundraisers and donations, the memorial fund has raised over $135,000,” Jayden’s mother Kristi stated in an email to Beneath the Surface News.

“We are so excited to do wonderful things through Jayden’s foundation to continue his legacy of kindness.”

Jayden McKinney

The majority of the funds have been placed in interest-earning accounts and CDs to ensure the endowment of the Stephenville High School annual scholarships, which will begin being awarded in April 2024 to this year’s senior class.

The Jayden McKinney Memorial Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

While scholarships are the main focus, the foundation’s board of directors plans to expand into community outreach.

If you know of a youth that needs a little extra kindness in their life, contact the foundation through its website. If the board can help, it will.

The McKinney family wants to thank everyone that has contributed to the success of the foundation and for the continued prayers and support.

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Rick Sanchez
23. Nov. 2023

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