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9 Stephenville High School seniors become certified clinical medical assistants.

Top row: Mazie Frazier, Jackson Barkley, Camilla De Saracho, (middle) Kinli Newman, Peyton Borchardt, Lesley Lara, (bottom) Manasvi Tailor, Cannon Watkins and Marisa Otero.

Nine health science seniors at Stephenville High School have become certified clinical medical assistants.

“These students will be able to work in various medical settings assisting physicians with procedures, administering medications including injections, electrophysiology testing, phlebotomy and obtaining vital signs,” teacher and LVN Jody Fain said. “This gives them an amazing opportunity to work in the medical field while pursuing their college education.”

Fain said the average salary for medical assistants in Texas is $35,000 - $41,000 per year.

Lesley Lara scored a 430 on the CCMA test, the highest in the school’s history, while Peyton Borchardt earned a plaque for Outstanding Student of the Year for Practicum and Camilla De Saracho earned a certificate and stethoscope for receiving the Nightingale Award.

“I want to give a special thanks to Nance Chiropractic, Tanglewood Pharmacy, Stephenville Family Dentistry, VB Orthopaedics, Stephenville Health Clinic, Stephenville Sports Rehab & Physical Therapy, Cross Timbers Orthopaedics, Stephenville Medical & Surgical Clinic, Dublin Family Dentistry for allowing our students the opportunity to observe and learn with some of the best,” Fain said.

“We will have 17 seniors entering the health science senior program next year. We are excited about the growth, but are currently looking for more clinical sites where students can observe.”

Interested clinics can email


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