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8 candidates, 2 contested races: Erath County voters facing big decisions in 2024.

It’s going to be another busy election season in Erath County after three longtime elected officials opted not to run for re-election, igniting a wave of filings from local Republican candidates.

After serving four terms as Erath County attorney, Lisa Pence has decided not to seek another term.

“Although I have enjoyed the job, I am ready to do something different and hopefully less stressful,” Pence told Beneath the Surface News.

Stephenville attorney Bethany Espinoza will be the next county attorney after becoming the only candidate (Republican) to file for the position.

Longtime tax assessor/collector Jennifer Carey has also decided to step aside.

Republicans running for Carey’s position include Niki McInroe-Cogburn, Tina Holzschuh, Mike Jones and Valerie Stephen.

Marycruz Serrano has filed to run as a Democrat.

Erath County commissioner Joe Brown (precinct 3) is also stepping aside after 15 years in office, citing health issues as the reason behind his decision.

“I had a heart attack in May, my third one, and a valve in my heart replaced in August,” Brown said. “That changed my thought process. My wife and I want to see some places and do some things while we are able.”

Republicans running for Brown’s spot include Ben Clements, Sherman Edwards and Justin Slawson.

There are no Democrats who filed for this position.

The Texas Primary will be held on Tuesday, March 5.

Monday, Feb. 5, is the last day to register to vote.


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