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4 Stephenville residents compete and finish Ironman challenge in Tennessee.

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Matt Miller, Ryan Young, Melodee O'Neal and Clair Cole

All that training paid off.

Stephenville residents Ryan Young, Clair Cole, Matt Miller and Melodee O’Neal traveled to Tennessee last week to compete in the Ironman Chattanooga on Sunday, and the good news is that they all finished.

Matt finished the 116-mile bike ride, 2.4-mile swim and 26.2-mile run with a time of 14:20 followed by Ryan with 15:21 and Clair and Melodee at 15:28.

“I’m not feeling terrible,” Matt told Beneath the Surface News on Monday. “Of course, I’m a little sore, but all-in-all I feel better than I expected.” The four are members of the Stephenville Running Club and began training for the Ironman in April.

“I’m feeling better than I expected to, but I am super sore and chaffed in places I didn’t know I had,” Clair said.

Congratulations to everyone!

What an amazing accomplishment!


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