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With COVID on the rise, commercial cleaning service can help other businesses remain operational.


With the number of COVID cases rising in Erath County, one local business is reminding the public that there are ways to keep facilities clean and disinfected, while helping to reduce the spread of the virus.

“We can do daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleaning to fit any budget,” said Sandy Smith, manager of Team Clean in Stephenville, which specializes in commercial cleaning.

Erath County has seen a sharp spike in the number of positive COVID cases over the past three weeks, with seven new patients reported on Monday and three on Tuesday.

“Businesses should use our trained cleaning staff instead of exposing their employees to the virus,” Smith said. “All of the products we use are hospital-approved disinfectants.”

Team Clean services dozens of doctor’s offices and large businesses across the region, as well as manufacturing plants.

For more information, call 817-773-4429 or email


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