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‘We are still good.” Judge Campos says there are no plans for another shutdown, urges precautions.


Erath County Judge Alfonso Campos said Tuesday that despite the recent rise in COVID cases, county officials are not considering another shutdown.

“We are seeing the effects of the reopening,” Campos told BTS News. “But as far as I am concerned, we would have to reach a critical level before we shut down businesses again. I don’t want to even talk about that right now.”

There have been 42 confirmed cases of COVID in Erath County since the pandemic began with seven new cases reported on Monday.

There are now 26 active cases.

Campos said part of the reason for the spike can be attributed to more testing and faster results.

“If things worsen, we will face that when it happens,” he said. “The whole reason for the shutdown was to not overburden the hospital, but if the hospital tells us they are managing, then we will carry on.”

Campos said he is firmly on the side of local businesses and understands the devastating nature another shutdown would cause, but he is urging the elderly and those with compromised immune systems to take extra precautions.

“We are still good,” he said. “We expected an increase and now we need to take extra precautions - and we know what those are.

“None of us want to get this virus.”


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