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Want a hot air balloon to land on your property? Here's how to become a designated landing zone.

Picture this: It’s a beautiful Saturday morning (June 4 to be exact) and you’re enjoying a perfectly-brewed cup of coffee, when suddenly, out of the horizon you spot a big, beautiful hot air balloon, and you continue watching as it slowly descends on your front yard.

Sound amazing?

That experience could be yours during Stephenville’s Moo-La Fest taking place the first weekend in June.

All you have to do to become an official landing spot is simply lay out a big white bed sheet in an open area on your property, so balloonists can spot it from the sky.

“The ultimate priority for every hot air balloon flight is a safe landing,” said this year’s balloonmeister Josh Sneed. “We would love to see lots of white sheets out there because then we will know the landowners have granted permission to land.”

Ideal landing spots include empty parking lots, golf courses and open fields that should be free from powerlines, trees and other obstacles.

Balloons will fly early on the morning of Saturday, June 4.

Balloon pilots do their best to be respectful of landowners by avoiding fields planted with crops or pastures with animals.


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