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Wanna glow and smell like coconut coffee? These body scrubs will do the trick.

My all-time fave from Bath & Body Works.

Spring has sprung and shorts and bathing suit season is upon us, which means it’s time to get glow-y.

I have found that getting skin to glow is pretty simple if you have the right products and a good loofah.

Last summer I developed an addiction to a body scrub from Bath & Body Works ($16.50).

It’s an aromatherapy “stress relief” with sage and cedarwood that smells like a fancy spa and makes your legs as soft as a baby’s butt.

I’m not kidding. This stuff is heavenly.

So I whipped out my tube from last year and sadly discovered I only had enough for one arm.

Deciding that would never do (I need my arms to match), I headed to Walmart in search of a substitute.

I purchased this bottle of yummy-ness from Walmart.

Staring me in the face from the soap aisle was a big bottle of scrub promising to get my left arm up to speed.

The words “coconut” and “coffee” beckoned me to make the purchase, so the big bottle (which was ridiculously inexpensive) came home with me.

That night I stepped into the bathtub and carefully opened the bottle of my new scrub. I was excited.

I washed and loofah-ed until I felt shiny and new and my bathroom smelled like a morning at the beach.

It was another reminder that some inexpensive products really do work.

If your skin needs a good scrub and you want to smell like a piping hot cup of coconut coffee, head to Walmart and get you some.

You won’t be sorry.


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