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Two women. Two flights. One chance to disappear. Kick off your summer reading with The Last Flight.

Julie Clark’s latest thriller The Last Flight centers around one haunting question: What lengths would you take to disappear from a life of fear?

This intricately woven tale of suspense involves two strangers – Claire Cook and Eva James –facing dangerous crossroads in each of their lives.

A chance meeting at an airport has the women – both alone, both scared - swapping tickets and forging a haphazard plan to vanish from their lives to start anew.

But a plane crash ignites a string of events that makes staying hidden impossible.

As Clark’s inventive storytelling slowly unveils the lives that Claire and Eva are so desperate to escape, you won’t be able to flip the pages fast enough.

The Final Flight is the perfect summer read that will take you on a gripping journey of suspense that will linger long after you read the final haunting page.

* I downloaded this book on my Kindle for free through Amazon Prime.

** I just started a new book that is now being made into a Netflix series. Stay tuned.


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