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Today was a good day. Nana received her vaccination and our family is so thankful.

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Nana gave a big thumbs-up after receiving the first dose of the Covid vaccine.

Today was a good day.

After nearly a year of being mostly home-bound, my mother received her first vaccine for Covid-19 at the Erath County Vaccination Center early this morning.

My 74-year-old mother is known as Nana to her three grandchildren and just about all of their friends. She has been on the waiting list to receive the vaccine for a few weeks and yesterday, she got the magic call.

I arrived at her house first thing this morning to drive her to the Bosque River Center where the vaccination center is located.

And I can’t tell you how incredibly impressed we were.

The line to receive the shot was overseen by a friendly Erath County Sheriff’s deputy, and moved along quickly. Patients were spread safely apart and those with trouble walking were assisted with wheelchairs.

Those working inside included local police officers, EMS, firefighters, nurses, Tarleton students and a host of volunteers. (I even saw my insurance agent and another local business owner helping out.)

Lt. James Gresham, who was also working, told me that it takes about 40 volunteers per day to keep it running. And next week, the vaccination center plans to be open Monday through Friday, so they could really use a few extra people who have the time.

So here’s a big shoutout to all the people who cared for Nana today.

Thank you for your kindness and efficiency. Thank you for your selfless dedication to others. And thank you for helping my mom get back to living the life she loves.

Yeah, today was a super good day.


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