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Today’s pro tip: Don’t try to outrun the police like this sleepy couple. That stuff never ends well.

The Erath County Sheriff’s Office responded to what should have been a routine call to Allsup’s early Saturday morning to check on a couple of sleepy heads catching some Z’s inside a vehicle.

But after a deputy arrived, the situation escalated quickly when the driver woke up and fled the scene, setting off a car chase that ended in Granbury.

According to a press release from the ECSO, the pursuit traveled north on US Hwy. 281 and ended in Hood County after officers with the Granbury Police Department deployed spike strips.

But a couple of flat tires wasn’t enough to stop the driver, 33-year-old Tony Aldape, of Comanche, from jumping out and trying to outrun the police.

He was nabbed a short time later, hauled into the Erath County Jail and charged with evading arrest with a motor vehicle, a pardons and parole warrant and a warrant for possession of marijuana out of Breckenridge.

He is being held on a combined $28,500 bond.

His partner in napping, 25-year-old Megan Wilcoxen, of Ranger, is also sitting in a jail cell charged with possession of marijuana.


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