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This week’s featured pets include a litter of unwanted pups and Amity-the-Cat.

Say hi to Salem!

This week’s featured pets up for adoption at the Erath County Humane Society are all litter mates.

Agatha, Casper, Burton, Igor, Chuck and Salem are approximately four months old.

“They were an unwanted litter,” ECHS executive director Serena Wright told Beneath the Surface News. “They weren't very socialized when they came in, but are warming up nicely. They are very playful, extremely energetic pups. They are just babies and will need time, training and patience.”

These cuties have finished puppy shots and have been wormed and microchipped.

Spay/neuter appointments will be set up at the time of adoption and is included in the adoption fee.

These puppies have been at the shelter since October. Amity is a 6-month-old male domestic shorthair.

“He was scared when he first came to us, but now he will gently reach out and touch you with his paw when he wants attention,” Serena said. “He loves head and neck scratches and will hold your hand to rub against you.”

Meet Amity. Look at that pretty face.

Amity is playful and enjoys toys in his kennel.

He has finished his kitten vaccinations, has been dewormed and is litterbox trained and microchipped.

Neuter date will be set up at the time of adoption and is included in the adoption price.

Amity has been at the shelter since September.


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