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This local company is now offering residential solar power. Here’s how to get your free analysis.


TXP Construction and Remodeling in Stephenville is now offering customers a new service: Residential solar.

I sat down with owner Toby O’Neal to talk about the benefits of solar energy and how lowering your carbon footprint can save you some serious money.

“We have partnered with Powur Solar,” Toby told Beneath the Surface News. “Powur is one of the largest solar companies in the U.S. and it is the fastest growing company out there.

“We are slashing some bills in half. It’s almost too good to be true.

The company’s solar panels are manufactured and sold in the U.S., and along with immediate savings, there are tax credits available from 26-30% through the end of the year.

“You also get the added peace of mind of locking in your utility prices in this uncertain market, where the prices are rising fast,” Toby said. “Some homeowners will also qualify to add roof replacements and other construction needs to the loan amount."

The process to begin powering your home with solar energy is painless. All you need to get started is your 12-month electricity usage.

“We take that analysis, put it into our system and work up a proposal to decide if solar makes sense for their property,” Toby said.

The analysis will break down the cost of installing solar panels and show the average savings.

“Solar can add four to seven percent value to your home,” Toby said. “The financing on it is very approval-friendly with zero percent down.”

And here’s another bonus: The installation comes with a 30-year warranty on parts and labor.

If you’re interested in solar power for your home, call Toby and his team at TXP at 254-413-4950 for your free consultation and analysis.

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