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This homemade slime recipe will keep kids busy for hours. (You’re welcome moms.)

I was about six years old when Mattel first introduced ready-made slime to the world - and I freaking loved that stuff!

I would play with the green goo for hours.

Some say slime is good for helping children regulate their emotions. I’m not sure it regulated mine, but I did love the way it oozed through my fingers.

Slime’s popularity declined for a while and was revived around 2015 when a whole new generation of slime-lovers were born.

With summer break in full swing, you are no doubt looking for something fun to do with the kids.

How about making slime?

Alexis Rochester with Chemistry Cachet is sharing this super easy and fun recipe for slime that you can make at home.


1 1/2 tbsp baking soda

Glitter paint or food coloring (optional)


Pour glue into a large container, add baking soda and mix with large spoon.

Add in a few drops of food coloring or colored glitter paint and saline solution.

Mix into the slime until it forms together and continue working the mixture until it loses most of the stickiness.

See? Easy peasy

Happy sliming!


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