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This feta cheese dip pairs perfectly with ‘Wine Down Wednesday’ and a dry white.

My friend Jen is always sending me funny and food-inspired TikTok videos, and since she knows how much I love all things feta, she sent me a recipe for this Mediterranean-style dip.

Kaleighs_mom has a short TikTok demo on how to make it that you should watch.

I made it for The Husband last Friday night and it was a big hit.

It’s the perfect dip to go with your next girl’s night out or “Wine Down Wednesday.”


Crumbled feta cheese (I use 8 ounces)

3 Roma tomatoes, chopped

4 green onions, chopped

Cavender’s Greek seasoning (2 tsp or to taste)

Extra virgin olive oil (enough to soak into cheese with oil on the bottom)

Balsamic vinegar (as little or as much as you want)


Pour feta cheese in the bottom of a pretty serving dish; add tomatoes, green onion, seasoning and stir.

Add olive oil and be generous. You should pour enough oil into the dish to soak into the cheese with some remaining in the bottom for scooping. You don’t want it dry.

Top with balsamic vinegar and serve with slices of baguette or crackers and a dry white wine.



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