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This cake was almost too pretty to cut, but we did it anyway. And it was delicious.

Made to perfection by Jordyn Lopez, owner of Sweet Creations.

The Husband is 50 today.

I can’t believe I’m married to someone that old, but here I am.

The Husband is a special kind of man; the kind who works hard, puts family and friends first, lives life to the fullest, is compassionate, caring and level headed.

And he is easy on the eyes.

I have no idea how I got so lucky when I married him all those years ago, but I somehow managed to score a keeper.

Steve and a few of his buddies celebrating at Lucky Vines Vineyard. (Dan, Steve, Matt and James.)

So when 50 rolled around, it was time to celebrate.

Last weekend, a few of our closest friends gathered for an afternoon celebration at Lucky Vines Vineyard & Winery.

The surprise bash was a whole lot of fun made even more special by our kids and several great friends who helped pull it off.

And there were others who made the day special as well. Don Nico’s did the catering, Signs Express Plus designed a “You’re still a hottie” banner and Jeff and Kim Hutchins and their fantastic team at Lucky Vines made sure that the celebration was picture perfect.


Jordyn Lopez, owner of Sweet Creations, has been making goodies for my special celebrations for several years now.

She has whipped up amazing cakes and cookies for birthday parties, baby and wedding showers and various holiday celebrations.

Jordyn made these cute Halloween cookies. Order yours now.

So, of course, I turned to Jordyn for help with the 50th birthday cake.

And boy did she deliver.

The Crown Royal creation with the words “Aged to Perfection” was absolutely perfect. I have learned that she can pull off just about anything.

With Halloween and the holidays just around the corner, give Jordyn a call at 254-485-3540 and let her help make your next event a special one.

Sweet Creations doesn’t have a website, but she does have a booming Facebook page where she shares all of her latest creations.

You should check it out!


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