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These downtown businesses support the bond propositions. Here’s why.

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Citizens of Stephenville,

It easy to see that many of the downtown businesses fully support the bonds

proposed by the city of Stephenville.

There are YES signs posted in store windows, flowerbeds and many of the businesses have never posted political signs of any kind.

Many of us know what downtown Stephenville once was and we are seeing new

businesses and enthusiasm developing again down here. We want to do all we

can to see our area further develop and prosper.

We have been educated for months on the possibilities, we've asked questions, we've had them answered and we are ready.

We are one of the only towns in Texas with an adjacent city park and we need to connect our downtown and our park.

Being part of a community is not a passive activity. Quality of life is what it takes to keep people here and have people return.

We all realize that with growth comes challenge, but the pandemic taught us that

we can persevere and our businesses are thriving on the other side.

Our downtown can become a destination that will attract visitors, raise additional tax

revenue and in turn attract business to the other areas of town as well! We

collectively say vote YES!

Blue Eyed Buffalo, Scott’s Flowers, Pinspiration Stephenville, Hearsay Wine Bar, Greer’s Ranch Café, Caam’s, Frames Etc, Cowboy Way Travel, Willow’s Scarlet Ribbon, Newton’s Cellar, Julianne’s and Castle’s Furniture.


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