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The war on diabetes: The change my family made to reverse the effects of this disease.

Charles Cisco


Type 2 diabetes is a major problem in the United States.

The epidemic is increasing along with its accompanying chronic diseases like heart disease and atherosclerosis.

With so much information available, why is there still conflicting information about this disease and is it truly irreversible and only treatable with prescription drugs and insulin?

The effects of this disease hit close to home: I grew up with the family genetics of diabetes inevitably coming to haunt my middle years.

With my own family struggling with weight and health consequences that progressed over the years, I had to question if this was truly about fate.

At 28, I struggled to control my weight (I was 215 pounds) and had begun developing problematic blood work.

I had elevated cholesterol (the bad kind), blood pressure, early ischemia in my heart from a stress test, in addition to joint pain and less mobility from carrying the extra weight.

Then I started searching for answers.

Armed with an open mind and research, I began to understand the benefits of a whole food plant lifestyle, and could no longer justify the meat-dominant plan I had followed all my life.

Acting as our own guinea pigs, I set sail on a health journey along with my wife and mom, who struggled with weight and type 2 diabetes.

Three months later and our results are astounding.

My latest blood test showed that I had flatlined the disease’s precursors and today I weigh 178 pounds.

My wife has also lost weight and continues to feel better. To top it off, my mother' has lost more than 20 pounds. Her test results show that she is back to pre-diabetic blood sugar levels, feels better and is more mobile.

Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to achieving a healthy lifestyle and everyone's goals are different, but small changes can make a big difference.

Perhaps you will find your own inspiration by following our journey on my blog at

Charles Cisco is a former Marine and personal trainer who graduated from Tarleton State University with a degree in kinesiology and nutrition.

He and his family reside in Texas.


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