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The ‘Sound of Freedom’ is a hard-to-watch, eye-opening look into the world of child sex trafficking.

A friend of mine who happens to be a judge sent me a text last week asking if I had watched the “Sound of Freedom.”

I told him I had not but planned to this weekend.

He said, “Anyone who watches it will never question why I give harsh sentences to those convicted of child pornography.”

The Husband and I saw the movie with friends last night and guess what? He’s right.

The first 30 minutes plays out every parent’s worse nightmare: A man takes his children to what he believes is an audition after a beautiful woman masking as a talent agent overhears his daughter singing.

The father drops off his son and daughter at a hotel room full of other children, and when he goes back a few hours later to pick them up, they’re gone

You’ll spend the next hour watching how Tim Ballard, a former government agent, worked to rescue those children who had become victims of a child sex trafficking ring and hunts down purveyors of child pornography.

Ballard even quit his job to continue the mission, and in the years following, rescued dozens of children who had been sexually exploited.

"The Sound of Freedom" is an incredible movie that will stick with you long after you leave the theater. I hope you make time to see it.

Stick around after the credits to watch footage from an actual raid and hear a message from actor Jim Caviezel who plays Ballard in the movie.


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