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The rumor is true! Chef Newton is making a return to MasterChef and the new season starts in May.

I captured this photo of Mike Newton (wearing a cowboy hat at left) from the video published online today by Parade. Yeah, he is definitely competing in season 12.

Chef Mike Newton won’t officially say it, but all signs appear to show that he will make a second appearance on MasterChef.

The Husband and I became fans of “The Cowboy Chef” when he first appeared on season 8 of MasterChef, a reality-style TV cooking competition that airs on FOX.

Today, we count Chef Newton and his wife Melanie among our friends and enjoy dinner at their restaurant - Newton’s Cellar - in downtown Stephenville almost every weekend.

Last year a few of us began speculating that he might be making a return to the cooking competition when he seemed to vanish into thin air for a while.

But mum was the word.

That changed today when Parade published a preview of MasterChef’s season 12 set to debut on Wednesday, May 25. (My birthday!)

In its online story, which you can access here, a short video shows Chef Newton in the background.

After I saw it, I gave the chef a quick call to verify that my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me, and for a man who always has plenty to say, Chef Newton was unusually quiet.

“I dunno” was all I got, which caused my eyeballs to roll straight to the back of my head.

I do, however, have the picture to prove it and I am more than confident to report that our favorite local chef will be on the new season of the hottest cooking show on television.

And it all starts next month.

Let’s have a watch party!

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Apr 15, 2022

I love Mike Newton & Melanie. They are so awesome. Definitely will be watching the new season of MasterChef. Is Mike a judge or competing again?

May 25th is my birthday too

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