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The do’s and don’ts surrounding the filming of Bass Reeves in downtown Stephenville.

The Erath County courthouse square is bustling with activity as crews work to transform the area into a movie set.

I’m glad I can write because my dream of becoming a Hollywood starlet was shattered by a press release I received yesterday from the city of Stephenville.

Hoping to catch the eye of Taylor Sheridan, I had planned to shove myself into a really tight corset and stroll through downtown Stephenville with a petticoat and bustle when the filming of Bass Reeves gets underway.

But that dream went poof with the announcement that downtown streets would be closed to the public from May 1-3 – when all the good stuff happens.


So here we are watching our Erath County courthouse square being transformed into a cool movie set with zero chance of ever being discovered.

But the good news is that Stephenville gets to be part of what will no doubt be a fantastic series that will be fun to watch.

As you know, the city is working with 101 Studios in the downtown area to produce the television series. Read about it here.

The downtown plaza, sidewalks and several businesses around the square are currently being utilized for the project, and plenty of you have questions about what’s unfolding and how that might affect you.

Julie Smith, director of the city’s Main Street Program, is answering a few of those questions.

First and foremost, she wants you to know that downtown businesses are open, so please don’t stop frequenting them. I stopped by Tahiti Tan yesterday for a little spray down, and while I had to park a little farther than usual, I didn’t mind.

I’d walk 10 miles for that golden glow.

But if you need a spot to park the SUV, the Church of Christ’s parking lot at the corner of Green and Mason streets and the TexasBank parking lot at Mason and Graham streets have been designated for public parking.

Is it ok to walk on the planked sidewalks?

Yes, but watch your step for uneven surfaces. Tripping would be embarrassing. People are watching.

Are downtown streets closed?

The streets are open through April 27, but there might be brief closures when large equipment is being moved so your patience is much obliged.

Are they putting dirt on the streets?

Yes, dirt will be placed on the downtown streets on April 27, at which time traffic will be diverted to save you money on a car wash.

Will downtown businesses be open when dirt is on the streets?

Yes. People, not cars will be allowed to travel through the dirt. Wear boots.

Will downtown Stephenville be closed for this project?

The businesses within the project’s footprint will be closed May 1-3 for filming.

Will I be able to watch the filming of the television show?

That’s a big, fat NO!

The set will be closed during filming, so there will be limited downtown public access during those days, which is fine, I guess.

I mean bustles and petticoats aren’t really my style anyway.


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