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Tasty brisket and homemade buns: BBQ on the Brazos in Cresson is definitely worth stopping for.


I passed through Cresson around lunchtime recently and decided to stop in that gas station with BBQ on the Brazos next door.

I’ve wanted to try it for a while and finally had the opportunity.

I ordered the chopped brisket sandwich with sauce, pickles and onions. They use homemade buns that are incredible and are even available for purchase.

The brisket was tender, smoky and had great flavor. I love the bark of a brisket and this had the perfect amount.

It was so good, I almost ordered a second.

I’ll definitely be back to try more of what they offer.

They also have breakfast burritos and the ladies at the gas station next door suggested I try the brisket burger.

If you make a trip to the Metroplex, BBQ on the Brazos is definitely worth stopping for.


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