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Tahiti Tan now offering red light therapy; a renewing, regenerating healing lamp you will love.

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Kayla Vanden Berge, owner of Tahiti Tan, stands next to the new red light therapy machine.

Stephenville’s No. 1 tanning salon, Tahiti Tan, is now offering a new service to its customers: Red light therapy.

The Total Body Enhancement machine (also known as the Beauty Angel RVT 30) is a booth that uses red light therapy to stimulate collagen (women know how important that is) and helps reduce inflammation in muscles and joints.

Owner Kayla Vanden Berge (yep, she is my sister-in-law) said the new machine also reduces the appearance of cellulite, wrinkles and stretch marks.

“We recommend three sessions a week for 12 weeks to see full benefits,” Kayla told Beneath the Surface News. “It stimulates your body to repair itself and that takes time.”

Each treatment in the standup booth lasts 12 minutes and comes with a vibrating option that helps improve circulation and flexibility and breaks up lactic acid (which is what makes you sore after a workout.)

Single sessions are not available, but Tahiti Tan customers can add red light therapy treatments to an already-existing package for $20 extra per month.

Otherwise, customers can purchase a month-long package with unlimited treatments for $50 per month.

“There is no UV,” Kayla said. “This is a renewing, regenerating and healing lamp.”

Customers will get their first chance to try it out on Monday (as in today).

When you go give them the code “BTS-21” for 20 percent off the red light therapy package.


Tahiti Tan also, of course, is the place to get a sun-kissed glow without the sun, and there are two options for that.

The first is the standard tanning beds, which we are all familiar with: Take off your clothes, lie down in the bed, put on goggles and pull down the top.

A few minutes later, voila, you have a tan.

But since treating my aging skin with more TLC has become a priority, I prefer a spray tan.

And Tahiti Tan has that too with a customized option by appointment only.

Spray tans cost $40 and last seven to 10 days.

Packages are available as well.

Walk-ins are welcome, but you can make an appointment by calling 254-965-5777.


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