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Summer trend alert: Put away the kaleidoscope of chaos and embrace monochrome themed festivities.

Photo by Branded Palomino Photography

Out with the bold and in with the HUE - of pink, that is!

In the past we've seen brunch and dinner party trend alerts in vibrant colors, crazy patterns and collections of textiles. Every Insta-worthy mom south of the Mason-Dixon has thrown a Derby themed soirée or retro go-go gathering in the past few years for ladies luncheon.

Major trend alert this summer season is putting the kaleidoscope chaos away and embracing monochrome themed festivities.

A sweet and simple way to incorporate this design style is throwing a pastry party!

We had ourselves an employee appreciation shindig at the PinaTaylotta Petals headquarters in the color PINK!

Recipe for a perfectly photo friendly pastry party includes:

- Choosing your party color

- Picking pastries in your theme color (cupcakes, kolaches, cookies, cake pops)

- Floral centerpieces in your color (to include same color glass/ceramic vase)

- Monochrome dinnerware

- Monochrome miscellaneous décor

All of the ingredients can vary from Dollar Tree affordable to extravagant excess, making it an awesome financially inclusive trend.

Of course, we consider florals to be the most important decorative element to any gathering (more reasonings on that to come later!); so we based our party off of the flower Jumbo Pink Lisianthus.

Its petals are soft and dainty, and its pink coloration varies from bloom to bloom. The pink lisi has an almost translucent pink tinting which excited us to use pink depression glass as our party dinnerware.

We had absolutely darling cupcakes from Gigi's Cupcakes in Granbury to add to our finger foods and we sourced a pink tablecloth and pink accents from our past decor demands.

In total, our pastry party came out to less than $100, is extremely social media shareable and an easy way to bring your friends together for full bellies and quality time!

We'd love to see YOUR monochrome pastry parties.

Tag us, @PinaTaylottaPetals (Instagram/Facebook and The Crumb on Facebook, to be entered in a FREE floral wrap.


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