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Studio 6:14 receives award for Top Studio during Synergy Dance Competition in Frisco.

Brittany Thurman, owner of Studio 6:14 Dance and Performing Arts, is dancing on cloud 9.

Not only was her Stephenville-based dance center named Top Studio during last weekend’s Synergy Dance & Performing Arts Competition in Frisco, but her solo, duo and group dancers brought home a slew of honors.

About 26 studios from the DFW, Oklahoma and Louisiana took part in the competition.

This was our best competition ever,” Brittany told Beneath the Surface News. “It was our first studio award and to have our work recognized was huge.”

The Top Studio award is based on the scores of level II dancers.

“Out of 29 dancers we took, 16 placed in the top 10,” Brittany said. “Most of our dancers scored Synergy Shine or Platinum and placed in the overalls. Some dancers were up against as many as 50 to 80 other dancers in some really tough categories.”

Several of her students also received an invitation to perform in the opening number at nationals and three Judges Choice awards.

“We are creating a name for ourselves in the competition world and it’s really exciting,” Brittany said. “We are incredibly proud of our dancers.”

Registration for summer camps and classes is now underway.


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