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Stephenville’s newest retailer: Atwoods Ranch & Home Goods is now open.

Updated: Apr 3

Photo/Atwoods Ranch & Home Goods

Atwoods Ranch & Home Goods is opening its newest location in Stephenville on Wednesday, April 3, marking the 76th opening for the company.

With a legacy spanning nearly 64 years, Atwoods has become known for its carefully selected array of nationally recognized brands, competitively priced private-label products and unique finds.

From the hard-to-find tractor part to the old-fashioned candy kiosk, the Stephenville store promises to deliver a shopping experience that reinforces Atwoods’ well-established reputation for its commitment to the customer.

“We are thrilled to join the Stephenville community," said company president Brian Atwood. “As we grow, we look for areas that align with our values and people who share the appreciation for building the good life.” 

While originally founded for the rancher and farmer, Atwoods’ unmatched product selection has solidified its role as the perfect one-stop-shop for everyone in the community. 

“Our team is equipped and eager to help all customers, from loyalists to newcomers,” said Brenda Kellis, manager of the Stephenville location.

“We supply them with everything needed for a job well done, whether that’s a garden hose and fertilizer, boots and baby chicks or food for their four-legged friend. We have it - and for less.” 




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