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Stephenville City Council, SISD Board of Trustees swear in elected officials.

Updated: May 18, 2022

Bob Newby, Mayor Doug Svien, Ricky Thurman and David Baskett.

The City of Stephenville swore in three new members to the city council on Tuesday.

After canvassing the votes at City Hall, David Baskett, Bob Newby and Mark McClinton took the oath of office.

Mayor Doug Svien was also sworn in for another term.

Alan Nix, Brady Pendleton and Brandon Huckabee were recognized as outgoing members who have served on the council for many years.

In his emotional parting address to the council, Nix said, “Do not grow weary of doing good.”

Matt Miller (left) and Luke Sims.

The Stephenville Independent School District welcomed Matt Miller and Luke Sims as its newest board members this week.

Chad Elms also replaced Dr. Ann Calahan as board president.


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