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Spring fever: Let Dowell Ace Hardware get your patio ready for outdoor living.

Spring fever has officially arrived at the Vanden Berge’s, and tonight we are having dinner on the patio.

We spent Saturday morning browsing through the nursery and garden section at Dowell Ace Hardware in Stephenville and picked up everything we needed to finally rid ourselves of the winter blues.

On our spring shopping list: Bug spray, window cleaner, potting soil and flowers. By mid-afternoon, the flowers were planted and the windows sparkled.

If you’re dealing with a bad case of spring fever like we are, head to Dowell Ace Hardware for the cure.

They have everything you need to elevate your outdoor living space, and with beautiful weather on tap for the week, you’ll want to soak up the sunshine.

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Sep 29, 2023

I'm absolutely thrilled to see Dowell Ace Hardware gearing up for spring! Having the patio ready for outdoor living is a must, especially with the onset of the warmer months. One aspect I'd like to highlight for those setting up their outdoor spaces is the importance of pest control. In my experience, a patio or garden can be marred by unwelcome pests. If you're in the area, Pests Control in Cleveland offers comprehensive services that have been invaluable to me in keeping outdoor spaces enjoyable and pest-free. Preparing for spring isn't just about decor and furniture but also ensuring a comfortable environment. Cheers to outdoor living!

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