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Spring favorites: Give your hair an 8-second transformation with L’Oreal’s Wonder Water.

My skepticism was on high-alert when my friend Jennifer told me about an inexpensive product that she claimed did wonders for her hair.

With fine hair like mine, Jen told me that a quick wash with L’Oreal’s Elvive 8 Second Wonder Water left her hair feeling thicker and smoother.

“You have to try it,” she said.

Since I’ve been wishing for thicker hair for the past 50 years, I was willing to risk 8 seconds of my life and a few dollars for beauty.

But even while placing my order for a bottle on Amazon (6.8 oz. for $8.97), I was skeptical.

L’Oreal promises that its Wonder Water will give your hair an instant transformation in just 8 seconds.

Its website states: “Wonder Water’s liquid formula stands out from conventional rinse-out treatments. Upon contact with wet hair, it works in just 8 seconds to visibly transform hair in a single use. Damaged hair feels silky, shiny and healthy.”

My bottle of Wonder Water appeared on my doorstep less than 24 hours later and I hopped in the shower with it a short time later.

The hope that its magic potion would improve my hair woes even a teensy bit had me excited to give it a try.

I washed, rinsed, then smoothed Wonder Water through my locks (its consistency truly is like water, so be careful when pouring it out).

And because I’m a rebel, I left it in for about 30 seconds.

And guess what?

The difference was immediate.

My hair felt thicker and healthier, and when I dried it, the frizzy ends were gone, replaced with a smoothness I can only get at the salon.

Even my style held all day.

I told my daughter about it, and now she is a fan too.

If your hair needs some spring sprucing, give Wonder Water a try.

You won’t regret it.


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