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SISD board of trustees denies industrial solar farm’s request for tax abatement; ends negotiations.

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

The majority of the Stephenville ISD board of trustees voted on Tuesday to end negotiations with an industrial solar farm, effectively denying the company’s request for a Chapter 313 tax limitation agreement.

After hearing from a string of residents urging the board to deny the company’s request, board member Donny Hill made a motion to authorize Superintendent Dr. Eric Cederstrom to end negotiations with the company.

The majority of board members voted in favor of the motion with the exception of Ed Dittfurth.

Board president Dr. Ann Calahan did not vote.

Carla Trussell was one of several residents who spoke out against the solar company during Tuesday’s meeting.

She said the company did not meet the criteria it needs to receive the abatement and said the risk of damage to natural wildlife and property values wasn’t worth the $3.2 million the district would have received.

“It’s a shell company only a few months old with absolutely no assets,” Trussell told the board.

She went on to say that if the company goes south “there would be no one to sue.”


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