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SHS Class of 2020 celebrates with a whole lot of honking. And some of us had to choke back tears.

The Class of 2020 was cheered on by family friends during Friday's parade.


There were honks.

There were shouts of encouragement.

But mostly, there was a whole lot of love as Stephenville High School’s Class of 2020 celebrated with a parade Friday night.

Residents lined the streets as a stream of vehicles carrying the seniors, led by the city’s fire and police department, cruised by.

There were revved up trucks, cars waving college-bound flags, a limo, jeeps, sports cars and my personal favorite, a truck wearing its very own mask.

It was a wonderful moment those students deserved, and I will admit, I had to choke back a few tears. The Husband did too.

All three of our children graduated from SHS and it was a special place that gave us a ton of memories we will always cherish.

Last night was just another.

Congratulations to my nephew Jordan Kalsbeek who is heading to Tarleton State University and to the entire Class of 2020.

The world is all yours. Go get it.

For more photos and a video of this event, visit Beneath the Surface News on Facebook.


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