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SHS art student wins first place in the 2023 Congressional Art Competition with this painting.

First Place: Leanne Nguyen’s Soldier Far from Home

Stephenville High School art students Leanne Nguyen and Saylor Hildebrandt won first and second place in the 2023 Congressional Art Competition.

Both students are juniors enrolled in Liz Stearnes’ AP art class.

Nguyen’s painting, Soldier Far from Home, won first place and will be displayed for one year in the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C.

The painting was inspired by the book Unbroken which Nguyen read in her English class.

Second Place: Saylor Hildebrant’s Conversations Over Coffee

Hildebrandt’s drawing, Conversations over Coffee, won second place and will be on display in the office of the 25th Congressional District in Arlington, TX.

Hildebrandt specializes in ballpoint pen drawings and has two pieces that advanced to the State VASE event in San Marcos.


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