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Shock and awe at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop. Now this young mother is taking a stand.

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Publishing note: Stephenville resident Chelsea Taylor wrote to Beneath the Surface News about the following incident that happened at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop Thursday night. I believed her experience was so compelling that I invited her to tell it in her own words.


Can we talk about porn? What about sex slavery? Racism? How about murder?

Do any of these topics appeal to you?

If I had been asked these questions two days ago, I would answer with a resounding “no.”

But I have been made new by the events that transpired Thursday evening as I walked into our local Fuzzy’s Taco Shop to have a quick dinner with my friend, and our two 3-year-old boys.

If shock and awe is the goal, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop almost succeeded.

“Shock and awe is a tactic based on the use of overwhelming power and spectacular displays of force to paralyze the enemy's perception of the battlefield and destroy their will to fight.”

I may have experienced temporary paralysis when the jukebox began to play what can only be described as, well, porn.

And while I had every intention of typing out the full lyrics, I will leave you, reader, to make up your own mind on whether or not the song titled “My Neck, My Back” by Khia, is considered entertainment, let alone music.

Let me just say that this song is not borderline pornographic, it IS pornographic. The words blared from every speaker inside and outside of Fuzzy’s at 7:30 p.m. without a single censored word.

I looked around in disbelief, searching for someone to reciprocate my disgust and despair. By definition, despair is the complete loss, or absence of hope. That pretty much covers it.

I felt hopeless.

As I glanced over at the kitchen window, I saw a young man mouth “I am so sorry,” and then shout, “I’m trying to get them to change the song.”

I looked over to a booth to see an older couple having dinner, another family with a handful of children, a group of college girls, all looking around in disbelief. As the song was ending, I noticed an employee with a remote pointed at the jukebox, attempting to skip the song. I wish I could say the story ends there.

What followed was several more filth ridden songs about sex, drugs and violence.

The “n” word was used casually and often; the sex was detailed, leaving nothing to the imagination.

I have to stop and say this is bigger than Fuzzy’s Taco Shop. It is bigger than the employees and manager on duty claiming nothing could be done.

It goes beyond a mom complaining on Facebook.

This rocked me.

This made me question the fabric of our humanity.

In a world where anything goes, and nothing is off limits, I find myself wondering if we have all been groomed to this level of complacency.

Should we just sit quietly eating our tacos and letting this trash seep into our souls, the minds of our children, and our society as a whole?

We want violence to end. We want date rape to end. We want people to stop selling children into sex slavery and exploiting them online. And yet we allow ourselves to be brainwashed by these “artists” claiming WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT and FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.

We get a little more comfortable one dirty lyric at a time. One sex scene in a movie at a time. One violent video game at a time. The line of human decency is not blurred, it is non-existent.

There is good news, y’all. As a Christian, I walk in faith and hope. I know my God is on the move, working all things out for my good. Yet, I know that there is work to be done on my part. I have a responsibility to my son, yes, but also to you. To your kids. Can I start by praying for you?

God, give us strength. Give us courage to do simply what is possible. I know that you have given us resurrection power, Lord. Heal our land but also give us the tools and thoughts to heal it ourselves.

Remind us daily to show your love in all ways, always. Give us peace but keep us fervent, ready to pick up our swords and fight for what is right, what is good. I pray to you God for the souls in this world who have not seen you, who do not know you, that they may recognize evil and burn with desire to turn from it.

Don’t let the enemy succeed in destroying our will to fight. I ask this all in your name, God, Amen.

“First, do what is necessary. Then do what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible”- St. Francis of Assisi.

Will you take a stand with me on this battlefield? Will you demand better for our community? Will you demand better for our children? I have seen this town come together in big ways in the past year.

And while that deserves all the credit and praise...Stephenville, we are not done.

You deserve better. Your children deserve better. So, fight the good fight. I’ll stand beside you.

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