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Sherrie Evans has spent her life teaching, influencing local students. Re-elect her to school board.

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Sherrie Evans

I’ve known Sherrie Evans for a long time and, even more, have called her my close friend for 14 years.

I first knew her as Mrs. Evans, the Stingerette director, being a mom of two stings myself. I saw how well she managed around 60 high school girls each year and many parents.

I was at everything from games to chaperoning overnight at hotels for competitions. Sherrie led those girls with discipline, but she also had their respect.

She has had a strong influence on hundreds of young ladies over the years and 11 years after retiring, she is still involved in many of their lives.

I have been around to see how much those girls still come back to see her, always happy and

excited to share their lives, and some even became teachers and drill team directors.

After retiring, Sherrie didn’t waste any time continuing to get involved in our community.

I loved hearing about her interest in our community through her job as a real estate agent and I’ve seen the countless hours she puts into serving Big Brothers Big Sisters through Dancing For the Stars.

She’s making a difference in the lives of so many children every year.

Beyond all of this, she went on to run for school board. Being a teacher herself and having two sons go through SISD as well, our children, grandchildren and our community are important to her.

Please think of her when you vote for school board. I early voted for her, and it was so easy!

Thank you for re-electing my friend, Sherrie Evans for SISD School Board.


Robin Fanning

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