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Sheriff says search for missing Stephenville woman on hold; investigation continues.

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Sharla Shaffer/Facebook photo

It’s been eight days since Stephenville resident Sharla Shaffer went missing, and with no new information to go on, Erath County Sheriff Matt Coates said the search for her has been put on hold.

“We have nowhere else to look and we haven’t received any new tips in the past couple of days,” Coates told Beneath the Surface News.

The investigation into her strange disappearance, however, remains ongoing.

Here’s a rundown of what we know so far:

Sharla’s family reported her missing last Friday night after she failed to return home from a bike ride.

She reportedly talked to her daughter late Friday evening along with another family

member shortly before she was reported missing.

A note was found by a family member that is believed to have been written by Sharla, but authorities are not disclosing its contents.

A widespread area has been searched by foot, drone, tracking dogs and a DPS helicopter, but there has been no sign of the missing 48-year-old.

Adding to the mystery of Sharla’s disappearance was the discovery of the bicycle that is believed she originally left on. The bike was found at her parents’ home on Tuesday morning.

That area was searched again, but there was still no sign of Sharla.

Coates said it has been several days since there have been any new tips about the disappearance.

“At this point we have exhausted every tip and checked out every lead; we have nothing else to go on,” he said.

Coates said he hopes a tip will come in soon that will break the case wide open.

Anyone with information about Sharla’s whereabouts is asked to call the ECSO AT 254-965-3338.

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