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Search for missing woman stalls after authorities exhaust all leads on possible whereabouts.

Sharla Shaffer

It’s been three days since anyone has seen or heard from Stephenville resident Sharla Shaffer.

The 48-year-old mother of two rode off on her bicycle about 5:30 p.m. Friday, telling her family that she would return by 7 p.m., then simply vanished.

I sat down with Erath County Sheriff Matt Coates at his office on Monday to talk about the case. He said he is frustrated with the lack of progress that’s been made in finding her.

“At this point we have exhausted every tip and checked out every lead; we have no idea which way she went,” he said. “We have searched on foot and with a drone and haven’t found any clues to where she might be.”

Coates said he hopes a tip will come in soon that will break the case wide open.

Meanwhile, Texas Ranger B.J. Hill has joined the investigation and a DPS helicopter is on standby when the search resumes.

Coates said the sheriff’s office has received numerous tips on people who claimed to have seen Sharla, including one at a Sonic in Cleburne, but so far nothing has panned out.

Anyone with information about Sharla’s whereabouts is asked to call the ECSO AT 254-965-3338.


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